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Leaders and Mentors

Leaders and Mentors

Preparing the Youth Lilian Baylis School in Lambeth, south London was regarded by many as one of the archetypal struggling and much forgotten inner-city comprehensive schools. Historically at the bottom of the pile and once even referred to as “England’s worst-performing school” by The Guardian, it was failing by any measure you may apply. So […]

Leading from the Front

Leading from the Front

A Generational Leadership Shift PPS – Izak Smit Another fascinating trip to Johannesburg led me to PPS, a wealth management business with a difference. Their prospective customers have to have a university degree to become ‘members’. This has given them 220,000 members and it’s growing rapidly. The CEO, Izak Smit, whom I worked with whilst […]

Young, Gifted and Blocked

From Job Seekers to Job Creators As an early morning ‘ice breaker’ for our Leadership Retreats, we run quite a straight forward exercise that focuses on the groups ability to simplify complex situations and work in small action orientated teams. It’s a popular and fun exercise that provides many subtle and not so subtle insights […]

Why Mothers are Today’s Best Leaders

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“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it”. – Mark Twain Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership, this must become the era where we universally accept and look for women as leaders. As Mark Twain pithily points out, leaders today have to handle constant pressure well and need […]

Why Mothers are Today’s Best Leaders Podcast [Episode 01]

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This podcast is about the best contemporary leaders today. Beyond any research, beyond any data. Its quite clear. It’s mothers at home who have the ability to emotionally engage. Listen to my podcast about this: Like this? Sign up to receive my Spike Stories