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Facing Down Your Boss

Facing Down Your Boss blog image

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Challenge – The Real Work Starts Now You really have to want to be a leader. It’s a huge privilege to have the opportunity to lead others, but it’s always been a difficult role and so it must remain. Leadership has many responsibilities that affect people’s lives and should therefore be taken very […]

Ramaphosa’s Modern And Contemporary Leadership

Our Youngers and Betters (Part 4) Maybe, ‘born free’ of the past is precisely what we are looking for and maybe, just what we need, and what many bravely gave their lives for. But here’s the rub, the inherent deference we have for our elders stands in the way of upsetting them, challenging them and […]

It’s Time to Skip a Generation

time to skip a generation

Our Youngers and Betters (part 2) The polarisation and tribalisation in today’s politics exacerbates a loss of confidence in the established parties. Increasingly, daily life is mediated less by the traditional and divisive political parties that continue to frustrate us from day to day, and much more by the connections and decisions that are made […]

Our Youngers and Betters (part 1)

new dawn for south africa

New Dawn for South Africa? It was truly a momentous occasion at the recent ANC’s five yearly congress, it could not have been more tense or intense. Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President narrowly defeated Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President Zuma’s former wife, whom the President had backed. The drama of the day became even more fraught with […]