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The Squandering of Soft Power

A New Age of Leadership There was a time when the people worked for the leader, today, increasingly the leader works for the people. In a world that is moving faster and faster, and is more complex with far more unforgiving markets, it is rare that the leader can make and take all the big […]

It’s Time to Skip a Generation

time to skip a generation

Our Youngers and Betters (part 2) The polarisation and tribalisation in today’s politics exacerbates a loss of confidence in the established parties. Increasingly, daily life is mediated less by the traditional and divisive political parties that continue to frustrate us from day to day, and much more by the connections and decisions that are made […]

What Does Britain Want In A Political Leader?

The insightful results from the recent BritainThinks survey is worth looking at from a slightly different lens. It’s telling that the top three attributes voters looked for from their political leaders are integrity, authenticity and empathy, with the top attribute from their previous survey, communication, dropping down the order. Engagement In our experience, integrity, authenticity […]

The Nasty Leader

the nasty leader featured image

The Killer Flaws of a Political Leader The recently published book, Betting the House: The Inside Story of the 2017 Election by Tim Ross & Tom McTague is a fascinating insight into the meltdown behind the failed snap election called by Theresa May. It perhaps shines a telling light on her inability to build or […]

The Nasty Leader – Podcast (Episode 08)

This week I’m talking about teams. The recently published book, Betting The House: The Inside Story of the 2017 Election by Tim Ross & Tom McTague gave me a fascinating insight into the huge meltdown by Theresa May and the Conservative Party at the recent snap election. It highlighted one of her many failings, but perhaps […]

Get Emotional – Get Engaged [Podcast Episode 03]

Get Emotional podcast

I’m answering the question ‘how do our leaders communicate better’ and more effectively with their wide ranging audiences’. In this podcast, ‘Get Emotional – Get Engaged’ I talk about what we can learn from the great leaders in the past and how they connected with their audiences by getting emotional. Prefer to read? Click here […]

“Getting Engaged”

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Mission Impossible As the White House doors continually swing open to eject another ‘failed’ communications professional, is the job of advising a political leader on their communications indeed doable? Every leading politician, all over the world, is desperately trying to get their message out in the most distinctive, effective and positive way possible. But few […]