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Spike Stories Episode 23 – Young, Gifted and Blocked

Young, Gifted and Blocked

As an early morning ‘icebreaker’ for our Leadership Retreats, we run quite a straightforward exercise that focuses on the group’s ability to simplify complex situations and work in small action orientated teams. It’s a popular and fun exercise that provides many subtle and not so subtle insights into the prevailing culture of the organisation they […]

The Secret Rules of Engagement

How we ensure that employees are encouraged to do their best every day is Employee Engagement. No-one can argue that it’s a bad thing but how do we turn our employees into advocates and ambassadors. Here are my thoughts

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Fear Uncertainty Doubt blog image

We all Need Something Positive to Believe In There are some moments in recent history that will stick with us forever; some memorable for all the right reasons, and others that divide a nation and drive an unhelpful atmosphere of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). The Unexpected Brexit Result The whole Brexit referendum process was […]