Meet Rene’s Team

I’d like to introduce you to my team.

It’s a fabulous team chosen by their Spikes

Everyone spends every day only doing the things they’re fantastic at.

I never have to worry about any limitations.

My team has no limitations!

So let’s start at the top…

Reena - Rene's Executive Assistant

Reena Patel
Executive Assistant

The best Executive EA you could ever meet, Reena has
energy, enthusiasm passion and she never ever makes a mistake

Adam Hyland Team Member

Adam Hyland
Intern Extraordinaire

Currently on his placement year, Adam is one of those that every task given to him he turns it into something so much better

Zak Hussain
Creative Director

Based in Newcastle, our Creative Director Zak creates magic like nothing anyone else has ever seen before

Yana Maksimochkina Head of Communications

Yana Maksimochkina
Head of Communications

Yana is our very talkative communications manager. You could not get a better head of communications. Media is her game, rising everything we do to the top of the pile is what she does and she does it flawlessly

Vee Smith Social Media Manager

Vee Smith
Social Media Manager

Vee is our social media expert. There is nothing about social media that she can’t cut, she can’t deliver and every time our messages touch you, they come via Vee

Marcel Headlam - Intern extraordinaire

Marcel Headlam
Intern Extraordinaire

Our very special intern. No task is too small, no challenge is too big. We have seen him grow, grow and grow he’s not an intern – he’s an integral part of our team