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Thursday 20 September 2018.

Our panellists, Kate Bishop, Matt Norbury, David McLeod and Chris Brady were all on top form at The Power of Recognition evening.

Keynote Speaker

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The evening began with a setting of the context of why recognition was so important and vital to employees today, and it became clear that whilst recognition for individuals by the business or organisation was important, having an authentic (and spontaneous) recognition from switched on line managers was where the real benefits lay.

We discussed under what conditions does recognition become vital and why are so many companies missing this great opportunity.

The whole evening was littered with fabulous anecdotes and case studies on the ‘Do’s and the Don’ts’ of recognition.

The questions from our guests brought everything to life. There were challenges around why some companies appear to practice the absolute opposite  to what was being discussed and recommended? And why some managers didn’t appear to care about recognition and nobody else further up the company appeared to notice. This sparked a series of insights and potential approaches to resolving this.

We could have continued for hours.

Watch the video below to get an insight into The Power of Recognition brought to you by the Inspired Leaders Network.


Part 1

Part 2

The Panel

Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is a Senior Human Resources expert who helps global leaders and the companies they work for get the most out of their employees.

Kate has over 30 years’ experience in Human Resources around the world, most recently as Acting Chief Human Resources Officer for Pearson, a global FTSE 100 education technology company. She led major transformational change, aligning and implementing all the people and organisational aspects of the company’s strategic global shift from offline to digital.

She has experience in multiple sectors, across technology, education, supply chain and hospitality, and aligns business understanding and leadership with her deep specialist knowledge across all disciplines within HR.

Kate has been a world traveller throughout her career, accumulating significant global experience having lived and worked in Europe (London), Asia (Tokyo, Bangkok) and the Americas (Austin, Miami, Toronto).

Matt Norbury

Matt Norbury

CEO and Founder of IAT Ltd – tech company that helps companies better connect with their customers and employees using ‘epoints’ which transforms recognition and reward in the workplace.

With over £20 million funding, Matt assembled a brilliant team and a growing list of major clients.

Prior to founding IAT Ltd, Matt created his first startup whilst still at school which was the first contact management product for consumers. Using mobile technology (in 2002) the product helped connect consumers to their friends and he raised £250,000 investment (aged just 18) to launch it.

Chris Brady

Professor Chris Brady

Chris is the Professor of Management Studies and Director of the Centre for Sports Business at Salford Business School. Prior to this, he was as the Dean of BPP Business School. Before that he was Dean of the Business School at Bournemouth University and Deputy Dean responsible for external affairs and business development at the Cass Business School in the City of London.

Chris has produced several books on management issues for the FT/Pearson imprint. These include Rules of the Game, End of the Road, and the best-selling The 90 Minute Manager, The Extra Mile, which deals with employee engagement, and Intelligent M&A.

He is a regular contributor to BBC TV News, Sky Business News, Radio 5 and an occasional contributor to BBC Newsnight. His recreational interests are primarily football and movies.

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