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Spike Stories Episode 23 – Young, Gifted and Blocked

Young, Gifted and Blocked

As an early morning ‘icebreaker’ for our Leadership Retreats, we run quite a straightforward exercise that focuses on the group’s ability to simplify complex situations and work in small action orientated teams. It’s a popular and fun exercise that provides many subtle and not so subtle insights into the prevailing culture of the organisation they […]

Spike Stories Episode 22 – Do the Right Thing

It was another typical winter morning in Johannesburg. The sun was beaming overhead despite the slight chill in the air. The extremely vocal brown Hadada Ibis were gathering on the lawn, making their presence felt. The shrill call of these large birds has become a feature of my time here. They have gone from always […]

Spike Stories Episode 21 – Women and Leadership

Women and Leadership

Khanyi Makwala had been amazing to work with. No task was too small and no challenge was too big. She obviously loved her role and exuded confidence in all she did. From the moment I arrived at the GIBS Business School in Johannesburg on a chilly July morning, Khanyi had everything planned out and prepared […]

Spike Stories Episode 20 – Engagement Trump Does It His Way

Engagement - Trump Does it His Way

Listen to how in his short stay, the President of the United States of America has already broken all the traditional rules of engagement. Your Thoughts Please share your thoughts in the comments below, then share this post on your social channels so more people can benefit.