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Older Doesn’t Mean Better

Leadership Through the Dip Exceptional times demand exceptional leadership. And make no mistake about it, these are unprecedented times. Our world was until recently more joined up and interdependent than it has ever been before. Information spreads at digital speed and no economy is immune or unaffected by the force, velocity or impact when seemingly […]

Engagement – Trump Does It His Way

From the moment Donald J Trump threw his hat into the ring to be nominated as the Republican candidate for the race to be President of the United States of America, he had already broken all the traditional rules of engagement. Nearly everything that one should not do, he had done and felt proud to […]

“Getting Engaged”

Getting Engaged Blog featured image

Mission Impossible As the White House doors continually swing open to eject another ‘failed’ communications professional, is the job of advising a political leader on their communications indeed doable? Every leading politician, all over the world, is desperately trying to get their message out in the most distinctive, effective and positive way possible. But few […]