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Change Is Your Choice

Change Is Your Choice Ever since the tragedy of George Floyd last year, I have been asked to facilitate many Inclusion interventions, as senior leadership teams seek to understand and harness the power of an inclusive culture. Gary was the Group Procurement Director, and a very good one at that. From my early exchanges he […]

Everybody Deserves A Voice

Everybody Deserves A Voice London is not your city or my city, it is everybody’s city. With 40% of Londoner’s being ethnic minorities, it’s a special cosmopolitan city. Incredibly purpose driven, caring, ambitious and a natural team player. All these were obvious and compelling on the 30 minute initial Zoom call with Heather. It was […]

Higher and Higher

5 Ways to Create an Inclusive Culture The technology division of Vodafone, like far too many businesses, has openly been struggling to attract and retain talented women. The received wisdom was that this was down to recruitment. Consequently, it was perceived that as long as they could get more women into their recruitment pipeline, the […]

The Illusion of Inclusion

We Don’t See Things The Same I was meeting Priyanka’s mother for the first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was really excited to meet her. She had come to London with Priyanka from Mumbai, India, for a short trip, and we both ensured that we had the opportunity to meet up. […]

Where’s Rene?

BBC Children in Need Having worked with The Executive Team of BBC Children in Need just recently, it was a pleasant surprise to be asked to return to work with all of their leadership team. We spent half a day in Birmingham with forty of their top brass. It didn’t feel that there was any […]

Do Some of Your Employees Feel Invisible?

do some of your employees feel invisible

How to inspire and motivate your workforce Diversity and inclusion appear to be back in fashion again, and it is probably linked to what is going on globally with the rise of anti-immigration sentiments driving xenophobic behaviour. From Myanmar to Austria, from the USA to the UK and in far too many places across Africa. […]

On the Journey to Diversity

African Development Bank Back in Abidjan, Ivory Coast with the African Development Bank (AfDB), I was again reminded about the value and benefits of having diverse teams from different backgrounds but also from different generations. Oley Dibba-Wadda, the Director of Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development and her outstanding (but relatively newly formed) team were […]

Do the Right Thing

Not Every Negative Action is Worth a Negative Reaction It was another typical winter morning in Johannesburg. The sun was beaming overhead despite the slight chill in the air. The extremely vocal brown Hadada Ibis were gathering on the lawn, making their presence felt. The shrill call of these large birds has become a feature […]

Leaders tell stories, managers talk strategy

leaders tell stories

Here are edited extracts from my recent talk for Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling (ECCB) in Barcelona (with the transcript below). The continuing theme throughout is employee engagement and the opportunities it brings. What Progressive Organisations Do Before I ever a take on an assignment with any business, I ask for 30 minutes just sitting in your […]