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Marketing Spike Evening with Patrick Jubb & The Marketing Academy

Apr 26

Marketing Spike Evening with Patrick Jubb & The Marketing Academy

The unmissable combination of a passionate discussion about Brands and Leadership lit up the beautiful library at the London School of Economics last night.

Our star guest, Patrick Jubb, who wears a number of CMO hats, shared what he and his team have been doing at Crystal Palace Football Club to help capitalise upon its loyal and local fanbase. Whilst the language of football means there will never be ‘brands’ or ‘customers’, they will always be the ‘club’ and its ‘fans’. This has not prevented a fabulous and surprisingly straightforward strategy of better engagement expanding their offerings and contact with their fan base beyond both the 90 minutes of the match itself and beyond the physical location and historical pull of the club.


Patrick’s calm and thoughtful descriptions and stories provoked an intense and instructive discussion.

This was pure gold enough for our special guests, but we also enjoyed a sneak preview into René’s latest book, SPIKE, which will be published on June 29th 2017.

He shared the simplicity but raw power of seeing the world through the lens of everybody’s inherent strengths and avoid the current fixation with everyone’s limitations.

The message hit home and all enjoyed exploring their own standout inherent strengths (Spikes).

All left with their very own signed Limited Edition copy of Spike.

René and Spike will be coming to an auditorium near you very soon.


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