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Michel Roux Jr - a Masterclass Chef Interview

Apr 26

Michel Roux Jr - a Masterclass Chef Interview

As we arrived at the British Museum and made our way down to the magnificent BP Lecture theatre, we were greeted by my good mate, Brendon Barnes (the founder of the London Business Forum), he was looking a little concerned. Our guest, the MasterChef himself, Michel Roux Jr., had been stranded on the island of Madeira by very high winds the night before. We talked about some contingency plans as he would have arrived home in the early hours of the morning.

As we turned around, in came Michel, full of the joys of spring and obviously delighted to be there with us.

This gave us an insight into the quality and passion of Michel.

There was no question he didn’t tackle openly and authentically. I didn’t have to push or probe.

We learned so much whilst enjoying a stimulating conversation with a thoughtful and compassionate leader who was so comfortable in his own skin.

When he talked about his team, his eyes came alive and sparkled with pride. He is a chef by trade but a coach by attitude. He spots talent and knows just how to nurture that talent to their full potential.

Michel was self-deprecating whilst acknowledging that he had huge shoes to fill, with a brilliant father AND uncle in the business.

He has now run Le Gavroche for over 25 years as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

He shared the many role models who have inspired and helped him on his way – he never forgets them and what they did for him.

Those lucky enough to be in the audience with us today, will also never forget the learnings from this very special role model – not just a MasterChef, but a Masterclass of Leadership.



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